Business Plan

As an assignment for my Introduction to Business class, I was given the task to create my very own Business Plan. I have chosen to create a non-profit Family Day Center/Hygiene Center which accepts Men and Women with children under the age of 18 (accompanying them – and yes, there will be background checks on all first-time clients). The type of center that I am creating in this model will be one that is empowering and fosters independence.

The idea to create a non-profit for my business plan stems from the fact that I currently work as an Intern at a Shelter on the weekends, which is run by a Day Center for Women and Children during the week. Throughout my time at these two centers, I have listened to the concerns of the clients and realized that the type of center that I am creating in my plan is one that the families would benefit from greatly.

Even though this was begun solely as a project for class, I think that it would be beneficial to keep it on file. If I do this, then I can spend time refining the model when new ideas come to light. As appealing as beginning, owning, and running a business sounds, at this time I do not think I am ready to make such a leap. It does not, however, mean that I must stop at this point. Having a complete plan or series of plans could come in handy one day when I feel as though I am ready to handle such a huge responsibility.

-Bernadette Rocha

Choosing the Right Path

Why is it that good ideas come naturally to some people, yet for others, they have to sift through the cosmic puzzle before finding the piece that fits?

Education is excellent for many reasons, but the one which continues to stand out is that it helps one to unlock unrealized potential.


Suppose your main goal in life is to become a Marine Biologist. You then begin taking courses to help you achieve that end. This is an excellent goal, however, suppose that once you begin taking these courses, you realize that they are either too difficult, or else you realized that this path is not for you.

What do you do now? You change direction. Rather than dropping out of College and settling for some random job at your local Cafe, why not stay in school and see what direction life takes you.

Just because you do not feel that being a Marine Biologist (or whatever floats your boat) is a right fit for you, doesn’t mean that you are doomed to failure. It also does not mean that you “wasted” your money (or someone else’s money if you received some kind of financial aid, grant, etc). It just means that you are receiving a “well-rounded” education. You know what? You may even be able to apply what you have learned in another situation, so not all is lost.

If you found that, after your educational (or applied) experience that you do not want to continue down your once desired path, create a new one. Take classes that sound interesting and work from there.

My Experience:

When I was in High School, I was deathly certain that I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. I began to tailor my classes to suit entrance requirements into schools which had great Marine Science programs. I even took a Summer course in Marine Technology at an Occupational Skills Center. I was meeting graduation requirements as well as entrance requirements. Everything was going according to plan.

Then, it all came crashing down.

I realized how bad in math that I was (an still am). I failed the second semester of my Chemistry class (which is a HUGE requirement for Marine Sciences) and barely passed my last Algebra class. Once I graduated from High School, knowing that Math and Science are huge components of being a Marine Biologist, I set that dream aside.

The following Fall, I enrolled into a technical school for Medical Assisting, thinking that perhaps this was a better course for me to follow. By the time the program was over, I had achieved top grades, excelled in all of my classes, and landed an internship at a clinic for Internal Medicine.

By the time my Internship was successfully completed, I realized that this was NOT a field that I enjoyed at all. I gave up the idea of being a Medical Assistant and moved on.

Moving Forward:

These past several years, through past jobs, volunteer opportunities, and my current Internship at a family Shelter, I have learned a lot about myself. The biggest thing is that as long as I apply myself, I can do anything I set my mind to, even being a Marine Biologist if I really want to.

I enrolled at my local Community College for Spring Quarter and began taking classes in the area of Business. Currently, I am working towards trying to receive an Associate of Applied Science – Transfer Degree in Business Information Technology (BIT).

This is something that I would NEVER have done several months ago. I am not exactly sure what had happened, as Business never used to be something that I was interested in. Yet, I chose to gain an education in this area. Why?

The answer is simple. Having a basic understanding of the Business world is essential these days. You can apply the skills learned in this area to pretty much any workplace environment, including the Administrative aspects of Marine Sciences.

Is Marine Science really my end goal? This is a possibility, though it will have to be on the back-burner for now. Why? I have always had an interest in writing, so after I complete this A.A.S.-T. in BIT, I am planning on transferring to a University so that I can work towards completing a Bachelor’s in Communication, specifically Journalism.

As I write this, I realize that I can still implement Marine Sciences in my educational plan. As a Journalism Major, I can work towards continuing my education in Marine Sciences, while at the same time using my skills learned in the field of Communication as well as my skills learned in Business Information Technology to work on publications relating to the Marine Sciences, perhaps in the form of educational books for children, learning materials for the public, etc.

In the end, who knows where one will end up in their journey to higher learning. While it is important to stick to your current educational plan, it does not mean that it needs to be set in stone. Sometimes, change is for the best!


Bernadette Rocha


Surprisingly, I am starting to like the show, “Glee”. I never really cared for it before, so I never paid much attention to the storyline. However, my sister has been watching Season One on the computer as I am studying, so I have had no choice but to follow what is going on.

It is actually a pretty good show. The music is great, and the storyline draws you in, making you want to know what will happen next. I give a thumbs up to, “Glee”.

Being a Team Player

It is week two of Summer quarter. Outside, the blazing sun lights up the blue sky, showing off white clouds painted here and there.

“It’s so beautiful out there,” said my classmate. I smiled, nodding in agreement.

Pulling my eyes away from the window (and the attractive guys I saw exiting their vehicles from the downstairs parking lot) I focused on what our teacher was instructing us to do.

Each of us students had to stand and tell the class why we feel we would be an excellent team player. Afterwards, we were to choose our groups based on the characteristics which we shared. Luckily, one of the women in my class chose me and another woman whom I was hoping would also be in my group. Our instructor added a guy to our group and thus our team was formed.

Right away, I knew this group was going to work. I had already worked with one of the women last quarter, so I know she will do her best. The other woman was full of positive energy and seemed to really be doing her best in class.

As we got together, we were asked to create a Team Name, Mission Statement, and Team Policies. This is because we are to be in the same team until the end of the quarter. We immediately took each others’ contact information and thought about what we should be called.

At first, to get our creative juices flowing, I suggested we call ourselves the “Cool Cats”. We all laughed and continued to come up with other ideas. Eventually, we settled on calling ourselves, “Rebecca’s A-Team”. “Rebecca” being our teacher. Everyone was in agreed that this was the best name for us. It would help motivate us and make sure that we were on our “A-Game”.

Later on, my other class started. We were also to be placed into groups for this one as well. Right away, I knew something was wrong. One of the women in my group was planning on dropping the class, another student was always very quiet, and the last student in our group I didn’t know anything about since she was a week late.

As our instructor was talking to us about the project and getting together outside of class (it is a hybrid class, so we are only in class Tue and Thur) and she began to seriously ask if we were to have to do this outside of class. Immediately, I became worried. Last week, our teacher was telling us that the final grade of this project would depend upon everyone. She also said that everyone in the group would receive the same grade. This means that if some of us do all the work, those who didn’t do anything will get the same grade. I do not believe in rewarding people well for doing terrible work.

Hopefully, this team will pull through. So far, I have a perfect grade in each of the three classes I am taking, and I wish to keep it that way.

Even though I am worried about the final outcome for this last group, I think that as long as we come up with a good plan, and execute our jobs well, then it should hopefully work out. In the meantime, I will fake my enthusiasm until we achieve success. This way, I do not feel the motivation to do terribly myself.


Bernadette Rocha

College and Procrastination

I am currently at the end of my first week of Summer Quarter. This is my second quarter and I am excited to be back in school. I am taking three classes: BUS 177 – Spreadsheets (so that I can understand MS Excel 2013 more in depth), BUS 235 – Oral Communication in Business, and BUS& 101 – Introduction to Business. These are very useful classes which I can apply in a real-world setting. It helps also that I have some excellent instructors who make learning interesting.

All three of my classes are hybrid classes, which means that I must still turn in assignments on certain days online through the Canvas program, even though I am only in class for a couple of days. Canvas is the shell that my school uses for teachers to assign assignments and students to submit assignments. It is a very useful program which I am getting used to rather quickly.

It is only the end of the first week, and I have learned a valuable lesson. I must not procrastinate! I let one of my assignments get away from me, and I am regretting it. I had kept pushing it back further and further, and now it has caught up to me. Not only must I work on the one that got away, but I have to do it along with other work that is due in a couple of days. I have needlessly created more work for myself.

Today, I have decided that this problem ends here. I will not let procrastination get the best of me. I have to remind myself that I have a cumulative GPA of 3.93 and that I want to keep it high. I cannot keep it high if I do not do what needs to be done. I must get my act together so that my grades, and overall future, do not fall apart.

Procrastination has no place in a College Student’s life.

-Bernadette R.


Whew! Today, I was finally able to get all of my ducks in a row so that I could finish registering for classes.

Summer 2014:
Oral Communication
Introduction to Business

Fall 2014:
English Composition 1
General Psychology
Business Law

It is almost hard to believe that Summer Quarter starts in just a few days. I don’t know if I am completely recovered from Spring Quarter. I won’t be taking as many classes this Summer as I did for Spring, so it shouldn’t be too exhausting.

In order to be more organized than last Quarter, I created a spreadsheet for each class. In each spreadsheet, I wrote down all of the vital information I would need for the class, such as room number, teacher name, days to attend, etc. Also, I created a space in each so that I could add each assignment that I am assigned per day so that I do not lose track.

I am going to make sure that I do everything in my power to pass these classes with a 4.0.

Bernadette R.

Communication and Developmental Director

by Bernadette Rocha

Due to a class I had during Spring Quarter, I had the fortune of being given an assignment where I had to think about my future in a more creative and constructive way. My job was to do an informational interview with a person in the field I was interested in after I complete my field of study. This would help me know what type of skills I need to gain for such a position should I choose to continue to pursue that route. It would also help me to know if this type of job was best suited for me or not.

If I had been asked to do this assignment prior to the start of Spring Quarter, I probably would not have had an idea of what I wanted to do in the future. However, through the classes I have taken related to business, as well as through the conversations that I have had with instructors, I was able to find out what general direction I was most passionate about:

No matter what, I my future career will make use of my passion for writing. Also, I enjoy being myself as well as taking charge of things. I want to help get things done, and get them done right. I decided that, through some research and thought, I would work towards pursuing a Major in Communications to complete my bachelor’s degree.

Communications is such a broad field that it encompasses a large variety of jobs from many genres of fields. Some careers one might expect to find in this field are: PR, Marketing, HR, and Journalism.

As I already intern as part of family staff for Mary’s Place, a non-profit women and children’s day center (during the week) and one of their family shelter’s (during the weekend), I decided to ask our Director, Marty if there was someone in charge of PR and Marketing that I could interview and explained to her the details of my assignment.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “You can talk to Katy!”

I was elated. Not only was I going to get the most important elements of my assignment done on time, I was going to be able to keep it within the company that I already have been interning for. Plus, the fact that she was so enthusiastic about it just made my day.

I was brought into the main office, where Katy just happened to be passing at that moment. I was introduced and spoken very highly of (yay!). I then explained to her the project that I was to be working on and she agreed immediately. As I was on my way out to take care of something else important, I made an appointment with her for one week later.

When the day came for my interview with Katy, I was so nervous. I came to the center a couple of hours early to help the other family staff; even though I wasn’t scheduled (it’s hard not to want to help out once you’ve started). When I was done coloring with the children and helping them to make cool cylinder planes made out of straws and two long rectangular pieces of thick paper, I noticed that it was almost time. I stopped and took the moment to prepare myself for the interview.

My heart beat a little bit. I am normally the one on the receiving end of the interview, never the interviewer. It was a little disconcerting, but I held it in. I reminded myself that she already agreed to the interview, so I must have done something right and that I should just stop worrying. I took a deep breath and knocked on her office door.

After she allowed me in, I began to relax. She and I talked a little bit, and I was glad that I had my short list of questions, for the most part, already prepared. She answered each of them candidly and before I knew it, the interview was over. I felt a sense of accomplishment for having gone through with it even though I was a little apprehensive to start. She gave me some valuable insight to her position and roles at the day center and I am grateful for the experience.