Why Seattle

As a baby, I moved from Long Beach, California to the Pacific Northwest.  Seattle is my home.  It is such a culturally diverse city.  Huge too!  So many different types of people live, work and play here.  The best part about it is that, despite differences, Seattleites tend to get along very well.

Did you know?  We are the home of the grunge music scene. Our city gave the world Jimmy Hendrix as well as Nirvana.  Now, even though it is a different genre of music altogether, we also can claim Macklemore as well.  Seattle has a great music scene altogether.  Every year, for 4 days at the end of August, we have a huge music festival called Bumbershoot.  Due to life in general, I’ve only been able to attend once, but it was worth it!

Seattle’s food is freaking awesome.  You can find pretty much anything out here.  At the Pike Place Market, the Piroshky bakery sells these delicious meat filled pastries.  It tastes so good and smells so good that they attract a lot of business.  Name your favorite type of food, no matter where you are from, and I bet you can find it here!

Fancy some Asian food?  We’ve got you covered.  Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Indian, etc.  You’ll be able to find it.  For some reason, we love that stuff!

Can we say, “Salmon?”  Go buy some fish at the famous fish market in the Pike Place Market.  Seattle has this crazy Salmon fetish.  Not only do we smoke it, bake it, fry it, and use it for sushi (sushi is big in Seattle too), but we also raise it.  It starts in elementary school.  We get the eggs and they hatch and grow a little bit.  Then, they are released to the fish farms where tours from schools never cease.  Speaking of Salmon, check out the Ballard Locks and their Salmon ladder!

Diversity is the biggest reason that I love Seattle so much.  Since I get to meet so many different types of people from many different backgrounds, religions, sexes, countries, demographics, etc, I get to expand my horizons and learn new things.  My favorite is when friends let me try some ethnic dishes.  This is actually how I found out that my favorite food is this Ethiopian meat dish that you use Injera to eat with.

Our weather isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.  During the summertime, its actually pretty nice here.  Oops!  Just gave away a great secret!  While it does rain a lot, we also see many dry days.  If it rains, who cares, we Seattleites are resourceful and can find many different activities to do.

Come check out one of our many museums.  Seattle has so many museums, it is almost ridiculous.  Almost.  I heart art, so its cool with me if they stick around for a bit.😀

If you love coffee as much as I do, then this is the place for you.  If your favorite place is Starbucks, then head on Downtown.  There’s one on every corner.  I’m not exactly exaggerating.  If you are one of those types of people who don’t like big corporate coffee places, well, then we have you covered.  In addition to Starbucks, we’ve got many independent coffee places around that make excellent artisan fair trade coffee.

What?  You prefer tea?  Fine.  We’ve got great tea too!  Go buy some fresh loose leaf tea at the Spice Market in the Pike Place Market.  It is located next to the fish spot.  They’ve got great smelling and tasting teas and spices.  Try a sample of their signature Orange Spice tea.  So yummy!  Hmm…now I think I’ll go and make some tea!

Fun fact: The Pacific Northwest is home to the ONLY Rainforest in the Lower 48.  It is not a tropical rainforest, but a temperate one.  It is located on the Olympic Peninsula in the Olympic National Park.  It is such a beautiful place to be.  If you look over the Sound, on a clear day, you can see the Olympic Mountain Range.

Seattle has this thing about conservation and recycling.  We are a crazy green city, looking to save the Planet.  Or is it to save ourselves?

Technology at its best.  Everywhere you go, you see people on their smart phones or tablets.  We are so plugged in, it’s amazing that we find time to go hiking and enjoy the great outdoors!

Medicine.  The University of Washington.  Need I say more?

Whatever your reason for visiting Seattle, I hope you enjoy your time and have a lot of fun.  Chat it up with the locals, especially the college students.  You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn from people being educated in such a diverse and fun place!


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